Expo-Setup : Exhibitor setup for the Virtual Wood Show. Please fill out the  Expo-setup form and the Session Setup form below. Register now.

Setting up your expo Booth & Session(seminar) schedule

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Set up your expo booth

Online virtual
woodworking show

November 12, 13, 14, 2021

72 hour event


Setting Up Your Expo Booth

Items needed to setup the outside of your expo booth.

  1. Upload a logo – 100 x 100 px
  2. The Company Name field is displayed on the 1st line of the expo booth.
  3. Vendor Headline – appears below the Company Name.
  4. Upload an expo picture – 1920×1080 px. Keep in mind where the logo and the text are placed when designing your picture.

Made with Visme

Items needed to setup the INSIDE of your expo booth.

  1. List the social media links you would like attached to your expo booth. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website Link
  2. Expo Booths allow you to go live – when you are not in your expo booth, customers can watch a YouTube Video, Google Slide, Vimeo, or  Wistia.
  3. Below you will find the OFFER section inside your expo booth. Fill out the fields below to customize your booth.
Example of Expo Booth Inside

Virtual Expo Booth - Form

Session (Seminar) Setup

If you are doing seminar at the show, please fill out the form below. If you are doing several seminars each day, attach a document listing:

  1. Session Title
  2. Description of the seminar
  3. Picture of the speaker or graphic to use
  4. Seminar Date & Time

Vendor Testing - Mid October

Virtual Wood Show

Weekly demo environments will start mid October.

The Access Code - will be updated at that time.

The Woodworking Show is proud to say it’s a Canadian family-run business where everyone in the family has their part.
With over 26+ years of event experience, The Woodworking Shows have expanded to four consumer shows in Southern Ontario – with the support of our long term retail partners.

We hope to see you in person again soon, but until then, we will be practicing social distancing measures with Virtual Wood Shows in the future.

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