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Wood Yak is a virtual woodworking conference that focuses on the making of furniture, cabinets and decorative objects. The focus of Wood Yak will be on woodworking education through a series of presentations by a variety of experts.

Conferences like this are expensive to host in-person, and the prices for travel, room, and the board can be prohibitive. Hosting an event like this virtually is more inclusive and can reach more people. Attendees can view from the comfort of their own homes or shops.

Wood Yak - Mar 20, 2021

Virtual woodworking conference event

March 21,2021

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Wood Yak

March 21, 2021
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Karen McBride

Design Is Everything

Design is the workhorse of success and it can make or break a project. As with other woodworking skills, the ability to design elegant furniture can be taught and mastered with time and practice. In this workshop Karen will use images of inspiring furniture from the past and present to review key design considerations that will unlock the secrets to creating unique designs. You too can master the art of design.

Mark Harrell

All About Back Saws

In this presentation, Mark will cover:

  • Whether or not a vintage saw is worth saving
  • Stress-testing a metal plate
  • How to unlock a frozen saw nut
  • Cleaning methods
  • Understanding Western backsaws
  • The traditional folded saw back
  • Backsaw disassembly/reassembly
  • Backsaw re-tensioning
  • Sharpening fundamentals Review
Steven copy

Steve Der-Garabedian

The Secrets of Veneering

Ever wonder why those woodworkers who veneer keep veneering? We “veneerists” have a few secrets and some tricks up our sleeves. It’s simple really. Veneering is not as hard as you may have thought nor does it have to be expensive. It truly is an amazing way of woodworking with some of the most beautiful woods and most of all, it’s just a lot of fun. 

Join Steve as he dispels some of the myths and shares the secrets and tricks letting you create beautiful pieces with a whole new palette that is available with veneers.

Matt Kenney

The Fundamentals of Kumiko

In this presentation, Matt will explain how to make a square Kumiko frame, and demonstrate the process for making the asa-no-ha infill pattern. He will also discuss which woods are ideal for Kumiko and the tools you need to make it. Lastly, Matt will show examples of panels that he has made as decorative art, and how he has used them in furniture.

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 4.52.47 PM

Ben Strano

When Precision Counts & When it Doesn’t

While it may be true that a good carpenter measures twice, woodworkers are most accurate when they don’t use a ruler at all, but instead pull measurements directly from the piece they’re working on. However, precision measuring tools normally found in a machinist shop can save the day in any wood shop. As someone who straddles the line between woodworker and luthier, Ben Strano has found that he rarely uses the scale on his trusty combination square, but he does keep a pair of digital calipers within arms reach. 

In this presentation, Ben will discuss:

  • When it’s best to use relative measurements and when precision measuring tools
  • How feeler gauges can help you close the gap on joinery
  • The joys of using digital calipers set to metric, whether you’re a metric lover or not
  • How shims and setup blocks can make your machine setups more accurate
Vic copy

Vic Tesolin

Simple Surface Preparation

The one-step that can make or break any woodworking project is surface preparation. Poor sanding techniques or improper plane or scraper set-up can spell disaster. Vic will take you through the steps to get your surfaces up to snuff and ready for finish. He will explore smoothing planes and how to get the most out of them. When a smoother is not the way to go, Vic will look at various types of scraping tools and how to set them up properly. Finally, he will talk about sanding including power and hand techniques, dust collection, and tips for efficient work. Don’t miss the chance to level-up your surface prep game!


Marty Schlosser

Getting Started with Spray Finishes

  • If you’re curious about getting started with spray finishes or are running into some troubles with them, then you have come to the right place. Join in as Marty discusses and demonstrates the five things needed to spray that “killer finish”! During this presentation, you will learn more about: preparation, finishes, equipment, environment, and technique.

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