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March 5, 6, 7, 2021
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Seminar Areas

Learn from the best Master Craftsmen and Master Craftswomen from all across Canada. Our seminar presenters are full of woodworking knowledge and happy to answer your questions.

Seminars are included with your admission.

Not all seminars run on the same day.

Main Seminar Area


Bob Dearlove owner of R & D Bandsaws – Bandsaw tips & maintenance

Greg Dent started as an apprentice building homes and renovations right out of high school. His passion for wood lead him into the carpentry field, eventually starting his own woodworking business in his woodshop.

His journey begins as a woodworking purist, with the belief that CNCs have no place in the woodworking shop. He was proved wrong after landing a job that couldn’t be done alone on his router table. 

After becoming an avid beta tester for the LongMill Benchtop CNC, Greg now works with Sienci Labs as a spokesperson and supporter for the LongMill.


Hosted by Ruby Cler – Master Woodturner


Al Conquergood – Automata

Al has always been an avid woodworker and has completed many projects including wood carving, boat building, home construction and renovation.  For him designing and building automata is the perfect blend of his engineering and artistic interests.  Automata is an art form where carved figures are given life through a series of gears.  Check out Al’s website at conquergoodcreative.com

Hosted by: Keith Kirkham 

20 Minutes with Veritas

February 7, 8, 9 2020

Bevel Up Planes

20 Minutes with Veritas
11:00 AM
  • Introduction to Bevel Up Planes
  • Daily at 11:00 AM

Bevel Down Planes

20 Minutes with Veritas
12:30 PM
  • Introduction to Bevel Down Planes
  • Daily at 12:30 PM

MKII Honing Guide

20 Minutes with Veritas
2:00 PM
  • Introduction to MKII Honing Guide
  • Daily at 2:30 PM

Shooting Planes

20 Minutes with Veritas
3:30 PM
  • Introduction to Shooting Planes
  • Daily at 3:30 PM

Lee Valley Create & Learn Workshops – Instructor-led workshops. All ages and skill levels welcome!

2020 Daily Workshops

Hosted by Steven Der-Garabedian & Vic Tesolin

Sponsored by Lee Valley & Black Walnut Studio

11:00  AM | Steam Bending Techniques

12:30  AM | Working With the Form

2:00  PM | Dovetailing the Tray Corners

11:00  AM | Veneering the Bottom

12:30  AM | Prepping and Installing the Bottom

2:00  PM | Cutting the Handle Joinery 

11:00  AM | Shaping the Handle

1:00  PM | Applying finish and Final Assembly

Stockroom Supply Seminar Area

Get Into Wood Carving

With Mike Davies

Daily 11 AM, 2 PM & 4 PM

Included in this 45-minute demonstration:

How can a CNC machine aid you in your woodworking?

With Laney Shaughnessy

Daily 12 PM

Rob Cosman Mini Seminar Area​​

Owner & manufacturer of bandsaw blades. Learn all things bandsaw from Bob.

Rob Cosman
canadian woodworks

Kutzall Seminar Area

Maloof Style Seat Carving and Joint Blending with Kutzall Tools:

With Paul Lemiski from Canadian Woodworks

Daily 1:30 PM

Seat Carving
Maloof Joint Grinding
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