Marquetry Workshop

Toronto Wood working Show

Marquetry Workshop

Hands-On Marquetry 3 Hour Workshop

The Marquetry Society of Canada is making it easier than ever to learn or enhance your Marquetry Skills! All skill levels are welcome to enjoy two (2) new project learning areas. 

Discover the woodworker's version of quilting using thin, natural coloured wood veneers to create patterns, designs and pictures. Meet the artists and learn the step-by-step process of creating an image using a knife or fretsaw table. Marquetry is a hobby; this is relatively inexpensive compared to others and requires very little working space. 

 The Marquetry Society of Canada is offering make-and-take projects throughout the show. Drop by the booth and try a 20-30 minute project. $2 material fee applies.

The Society is also offering a hands-on workshop for Fudge Lake Project (see below) on Friday, February 7, 12-3 or Saturday, February 8, from 12-3. 

This workshop is limited to 4 people per workshop. 

Preregister online - $25 fee applies + show admission.

Marquetry Project
  • (905) 779-0422
  • Feb 7, 8, 9 2020 │ 10am - 5pm
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