Julie Bender Bio

The Western natural world is Bender’s source of continued inspiration, where her passion for pyrography is matched by her accurate and artful portrayal of animal and human subjects.  Her keen sense of detail and realism sets her work apart from traditional works in pyrography.  A unique and generally unfamiliar medium, Bender’s work in pyrography is self-taught and has evolved significantly since her humble beginning in 2002.  She considers her art her calling and continues to evolve her work based on her persistence on pushing her boundaries with each work she produces, executing with accuracy, style and imagination; her work represents the best of who she is.

An award-winning artist, her work is juried into internationally-renown shows and exhibitions, is purchased by museums and is privately collected throughout the world.  She works feverishly and remains a proud advocate of having pyrography take its rightful place in the completive field of fine art.  Bender freely shares her knowledge of pyrography by offering workshops and online classes.