Ontario Woodcarving Championship

Artistic Creations in Wood

The Ontario Woodcarving Championship (OWC) takes place annually and is held in conjunction with the Woodstock Woodwork Show at the Woodstock Fairgrounds. The OWC is not affiliated with any Carving Club or other organization and is totally non-profit. The Organizing Committee is made up of a group of volunteers that are dedicated to promoting “Artistic Creations In Wood”. The Committee relies on other volunteers to help with all of the competition functions. All Sponsor contributions go directly to the prizes for winners of specific competitions.

Our primary goal is to provide a superior Championship where all Woodcarvers, regardless of their degree of expertise, can display their carvings and enter competitions that offer rewards commensurate with the effort and dedication required to produce such Artistic Creations.

The OWC has competitions in the Youth, Novice, Intermediate and Open Classes that culminate in the Best of Class competitions. Winners then enter the Best of Show competition. The entry forms, of all those registered, are entered into a draw for special prizes.

Carvers come from all over Ontario and the Northern USA to enter the Ontario Woodcarving Championship. Attendees view the Championship, as well as the Woodstock Woodworking Show.

Please contact Gina Downes at 905-779-0422 or email Carvings@WoodShows.com

Website – www.WoodShows.com/OWC