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What is a Virtual Wood Club? will arrange interactive, live virtual seminars each night 7:30 - 9:30 PM EST
We will run specialty nights -> turning, carving, pyrography, miniatures, marquetry, etc.

Specialty speakers will be announced shortly.
Specialty tool companies will also be LIVE in Expo booths or Sessions Instructors are LIVE and able to answer your questions. Clubs & Guilds can have private meetings, network among their group or other closely related clubs.

LIVE learning nightly from Tuesday to Thursday

NO CLUB - NO PROBLEM - You don't have to belong to a woodworking club to join CLUBS Night.

Online Virtual Wood Club

February 23, 24, 25, 2021

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CLUB Nights

Feb 23, 24, 25
$ 5 CDN + tax
  • Access to all LIVE learning seminars
  • Access to recorded seminars
  • Networking Nightly
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The Virtual Wood Club Offers The Following Benefits

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  • Woodworking Clubs across Canada  can register & attend for FREE. 
  • We will provide the virtual club room so you can host your club meeting.
  • Stay connected with your members – invite your members with a private ticket link.
  • Plan you meeting times around our LIVE learning demonstrations.

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Tuesday February 23

Tues. Feb 23, 2021
World Class Artist – Julie Bender discusses pyrography.


Wednesday February 24

Wed. Feb 24, 2021
What Are Water-Based Finishes & Why Should I Consider Using Them in My Small Shop

Water-based finishes are as good as traditional solvent-based finishes. I will explain why; introduce you to these products; and convince you to switch over

Thursday February 25

Thur. Feb 25, 2021

Baseball bat catches a fast ball with Ruby Cler – Master Woodturner

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CLUB Nights

Feb 23, 24, 25
$ 5 CDN + tax
  • Access to all LIVE learning seminars
  • Access to Recording
  • Networking Nightly
  • Be part of a community
Week Pass