Philip Brumley has over 35 years of experience as a Master Carpenter, residential/commercial builder, and vocational Building Trades Instructor. He is the inventor of the Trim Gauge, and Stair-Pro, innovative tools that simplify the measure-cut process when tackling projects in and around your home, your shop or out in the field.

Philip Brumley’s DIY videos are a smash hit on youtube as he demonstrates how to hang a door, window, and how to trim each respectively. The Trim Gauge has been featured in key publications including; This Old House, Woodworking Magazine, Workbench Magazine, Fine Home Building and many more. As owner and entrepreneur of Brumley Tools, he has built his reputation from the ground up and has a passion sharing his expertise with seminar attendees. Nothing draws a crowd better than the sound of running saws and the smell of freshly cut wood. You can feel confidant that his live demonstrations will showcase the key features of each tool while educating and instilling confidence in the attendees next project. An OSHA Safety Instructor, Brumley always take a few moments in each segment to discuss the importance of working safely when operating power equipment.