Join all the exhibitors below at the Woodstock Woodworking Show, September 29 – October 1st, 2017.

If you are looking for something special, hard to find, or even a little unusual, please call these retailers in advance and they will make sure you leave the show happy.

2017 Exhibitors
A & M Wood Specialty
Armor Tool
Big Ass Slabs
Brant Custom Woods
British Baked Goods
Burlington Guild of Sculptors & Woodcarvers
Canadian Woodworker
Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement
Confederation Marine Modellers
CWI – Woodworking Technologies
D&D Meats
Digital Woodcarver
Drill Nado
Earlex Canada
Feather Animation
Federated Tool Supply Co. Ltd.
Fretwood Mack
Grand Valley Woodcarvers
Grantham Books
Guelph Carving Club
I Wood Build
Just For You Golf
Kingdem Trailer & Power Equipment
Kintore Custom Hardwoods
Leaf Filter North of Canada Inc.
Lee Valley Tools
Marquetry Society of Canada
Millbank Family Furniture
Moose River Chamois Co.
MTF-Muskoka Tool Factory
National Concrete Accessories
Nordale Woodworking
Normand Woodworking Machinery Inc
Oh! Fudge
Prona Tools
R & D Bandsaws
Rikon Power Tools
Rob Cosman
Sandpaper Family
Seneca Woodworking
Sherwin Williams
Signature Wood Systems
Stockroom Supply
Thames Valley Woodturners Guild
Tools Direct
Trend Routing Technology
Woodline USA
Workshop Supply
Car Show and Shop Exhibitors 2017